Capella Philippines is Looking for Distributors


Capella Philippines is looking for distributors or wholesalers!

In the era where almost everyone has a smartphone, the demand for consumer electronics is growing and will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. Everyone just loves gadgets, everyone needs them. They bring convenience, comfort and social media in our hands. And we here in Capella have one of the most in demand products that any consumer will need. We have earphones, headphones, powerbanks, Bluetooth speakers, encrypted enclosure devices and lots more.

We are one of the most successful gadget start-up company in the Philippines today. With unique products and high-quality build tagged that with our affordable pricing, our products are placed competitively with other electronic brands and will definitely be a great addition to your stores.

We offer products that are not available anywhere else in the country and will be a sure best selling items in your store.

Capella Philippines' unique line of gadgets are just what you need to get a head start, boost sales and be successful! 

Start your year right and begin your own path to success!

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